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Upgrade for Owners of Studio Box Mark II

Purchasing this upgrade will grant you access to all new added sounds of Studio Box Mark III. These are almost 1.500 new sound takes (8GB) covering all categories!

Full library description:

State-of-the-art sound-effects, surroundings and ambiences created by leading foley artists and sound designers.

  • 10.000 royalty-free sound effects (30 gigabyte)
  • 16 and 24 bit WAV
  • Easy to use table of contents

Studio Box, now available in version III, is one of the most complete soundeffect collections and a comprehensive foley library for your film,- advertising-, games- and music-productions.

Studio Box Recordings


Nature Backgrounds and Ambiences
Studio Box Nature


We used multiple microphone positions to capture exciting and unique natural environments never heard before in all this variety.
All nature sounds were recorded in North America and Europe.

Wind, storm, rain, hail, thunder, fire, water (coast, river, lake, drops, splash, underwater recordings), country and village scenes with birds, crickets and cicadas and more animals (frogs, chicken, cow, dog, horse, pig, sheep, sea animals).




Humanity in all its Variety
Studio Box HumanityIt took us many years to capture all these great ambiences and voices from all over the world.

Cafes and restaurants (indoor/outdoor), solo and crowd laughter, applause, footsteps, doors being opened, shut and locked, children playing, church bells, fireworks. Announcements on airports and train stations. Sport-related sounds, with everything from baseball to wrestling: balls being beaten and kicked, karate, fencing, billiard, tennis and gymnastics. Single shots and stadion ambiences.


Traffic and Machines
Studio Box Traffic and Machines

This comprehensive collection of technical sounds was perfectly recorded and sounds convincingly authentic. A wide range of machine noises (pneumatic, electric, hydraulic), industrial robots and alarms, mobile equipment, office and household machines.

Street atmospheres and general city ambiences. Cars, buses and trucks (driving, squeals, doors). Airplanes inside/outside, helicopter, trams and trains, harbour and boats.


Intergalactic World
Stuedio Box Intergalactic

Amazing sounds and ambiences created by top sound designers with oscillators, filters and the finest foley artistry, all recorded using the very best recording techniques available.

The variety and creativity of these Intergalactic atmospheres will fuel your creative vision. Impressive soundscapes and punctuations for your production.



Studio Box MultimediaSounds for motion pictures, games and trailers – an extraordinary and valuable special effects resource. A great choice of button click, roll-over, cartoon effects (zap, boing, sweep, buzzers), music instruments and cluster sounds.



Studio Box Mark III comes with an easy to use cross-referenced table of content in English and German.


Sound & Recordings:

  • Terry Drivas, Washington, USA
  • Ingrid & Martin Garfoot, London, GB
  • Dieter Kandler, St Augustin Canada
  • Horst Boehsing, Bad Zwischenahn, Germany
  • Gerhard Kornhuber, Vienna, Austria
  • Markus Krause, Hamburg, Germany
  • Holger Leonhard, Munic, Germany
  • Freddy Rettberg, Hamburg, Germany

Concept & and additional recordings:

  • Klaus Kandler, Munich, Germany



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DWM ProtectionFor your own protection this library is provided as individual personalized files including a
Digital Water Mark – DWM!


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